Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preserving Life

Although finding a life-like objects in the fridge may be a relatively common occurrence in some houses, I doubt they ever found anything this close. Ya know, this is the kind of thing you find when a 15-month-old helps you clean up. Or, as my father-in-law suggested maybe Kate has made the connection that when you put things in the refrigerator, they last longer. It is obvious that Kate loves her dolly when I consider the care she takes of her in comparison with her other toys. Rocking her (at warp speed), placing (throwing) her in the crib, giving hugs (suffocating her). Although she may not have the exact right technique, it sure is darling to see her give love and affection.

The Gift of Giving

Hello All,

I'd like to begin giving a little early this year by giving you a gift idea. My friend Meg makes the cutest bath-time aprons for mommies. She has talents coming out her ears, and this is one that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Go check her out at Etsy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

All the Fixins; not too Shabby

I like my burgers Big, hold the mayo, extra lettuce and tomato and please don't hesitate to throw in all that other good stuff to make the burger whole (mushrooms, onions, cheese, etc.) A naked burger is like a thirsty man in the desert without his smoothy, Jazz without its soul, and Ben without Jerry. Or in this case, the outfit without it its 'fit'.

Of course you have to have something great to dress up....

The meat of life is sure a heck-of-alot more tasty when dressed, sauced, seasoned and accessorized.

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