Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simple Addition

On January 29 this is what I saw. On February 1 I was wondering how the excitement I felt on January 29 could so quickly turn to constant nausea and exhaustion. On March 30, tomorrow, I will get to hear the new little tiny heartbeat of the baby that will be joining our family about October 2, 2009 and more excitement will return. We are excited for this new package to arrive. Main motivation for feeling joy with the arrival of this baby: Kate will have a sibling close to her age to play with , teach, and most likely boss around a little bit. Of course, we are so anticipating all those milestones and joys that come from seeing a new personality grow and blossom under our care.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been "it" forever

I'm pretty sure I was tagged over 2 months ago. As some of you may have noted, I have not been extremely diligent with the blog lately. This semester has been nuts. When I say nuts I mean my class takes so much time that by the time there's 30 seconds to spare blogging is about number 492 on the list of "to do." Like right now, I should be studying one of the 300 terms and locations of the muscles of the lower extremity I have to know for my test, where they originate and insert so that when they ask me if the adductor magnus inserts on the pes anserine or the femur, I will know. Maybe I overestimate the number of people who read and care for our little serial, but there's the explanation for at least the 3 of you.

ANYWAY, here's our 4th of the 4th.

Kate loves to look at our pictures on the computer. This is one of her favorites. I was floored when she saw the picture for the first time the other day, about 4 months after this shot was taken, and said, "messy yogurt." That's pretty keen food identification if you ask me. Like father, like daughter. Although maybe since it was yogurt, one of Ryan's less favorite foods and my more favorite, I can take credit for this one.

Simpler Days

When was the last time you felt this kind of freedom and confidence wearing your swimsuit while someone was lurking with a camera, especially from the posterior aspect? I don't recall when it was for me probably because it's been a long while. Kate lives her little 1 1/2 year old life with pure, unadulterated curiosity, and joy with no thought to how she looks or the impression she gives. When the music starts, she jumps up and shakes it like she just doesn't care, no matter who's watching. When there's water, she wants to swim, regardless of the way her swimming suit fits. She's her own person and not afraid of owning that. And people love it. Lesson learned. (well maybe not learned, but at least taken into account and noted.) Love this little girl and all she teaches me.