Friday, October 31, 2008

On the Farm

Audrey, Kate, and I headed down to Hee Haw farms last week join in the fall festivities of looking for a pumpkin, petting the animals, getting lost in corn mazes, etc. When we arrived, there was no one there, not even workers. We figured it was the slow time of the day, so we made ourselves comfortable and just acted like we owned the place.

We let Kate take charge, and show us around.

Kate began her tour in the tractor.

Then we moved to the train to view the sites.

Kate explained that we would have to abandon the motorized vehicles for the remainder of our tour, in order not to frighten the shy animals of bunny village.

The cows were noisy and Kate needed some help projecting her voice, so asked one of the tour group members to act as a podium. Thank you Audrey.

Kate let this display speak for itself.

Of course, we ended with snacks.

I visited the farm's website later and found out Hee Haw farms was closed when we decided to pay them a visit. With no supervision, we went to town on feeding the goats. All in all, I think we fed the goats about 5 pounds of grain. I hope there was no permanent damage. I highly recommend visiting a busy attraction when it is closed, we had no competition for anything!

Marbles between her toes - you weren't too far off Grandpa!

My grandpa always used to try persuade us to eat all the undesirable portions of our meal with the phrase, "Eat up! It will put hair on your chest and feathers between your toes." My immediate, although un-uttered reaction was, why would I want any of those things?

Well, one day Kate sprouted a much more feminine version of Grandpa's old wive's tale. Because she eats her vegetables so well, I'd like to think it's a shout out to grandpa.

Of course, Kate did not spontaneously sprout these marbles between her toes, she had some help from genetics (mom's got monkey toes) and from dad with the mechanics.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Laura Morgan, Come on Down!

You know how you always hear people say, "I never win anything!" Most of the time, I think they're lying. I have been keeping track since third grade, when I didn't win bingo the entire school year, of times when I have entered a contest, drawing, or raffle and I have not won any of them (probably very sad I know) . To bare all truths, I have won merit-based contests and games many times, but when the winner gains prizes by random luck, I have never been that lucky.

Well, the tides have turned and the stars aligned; I finally won something. I attended a Student Entrepreneur of the Year contest at BYU and they give away all sorts of prizes during the event, I was a lucky recipient. It's a pretty good for my first time around, an ipod shuffle! I am very excited about my new toy. Yahoo! I even gave a good yelp when they called my number! Good news, now it's time to keep track of the "wins" in my life.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween started early this year! As I have exited our new apartment three out of five mornings, I am greeted by a new spider on our front step. Most of the time, not just one, usually 2 or 3. Not just any spider either, a BLACK WIDOW. YUCK!! Yes, we have sprayed multiple times. Yes, we are so nervous for Kate to be bitten. Yes, it is so gross.

In case that first picture wasn't enough for you, here's another perspective. I thought we should document at least some of our finds. Aren't they huge?

So the count is up to 12 black widows I have found outside our apartment. So now I always make Kate stay inside when I go out the first thing in the morning while I bend over to inspect carefully for any new bugs, always muttering "yuck, I hate bugs, this is sick." As expected, now every time Kate goes out the door she bends way over toward the ground and points while saying "buggy, yuck"