Sunday, June 2, 2013

Robby as: Himself

As any boy should, Robby really digs an opportunity to get up close and personal with big rigs.  Technically, this was Kate's kindergarten big rig day, but Robby definitely owned it.  

Normally cautious in new situations, especially those involving new people, Robby clambered right up to take charge as the burgeoning driver he (thinks) he is.   

As a sous chef, Robby shows real promise, taking careful notes as he observes a master in action.  By the way, this dinner was a particularly divine composition of some of my favorite ingredients: sweet potato lightly roasted, black beans, garlic, cumin, lime cilantro rice, chicken, and don't forget the essential fried plantains.  Yum.

Our first visit to the dentist.  Robby was a champion patient.  He quietly endured the whole experience.  

He expressed to me afterwards that it was difficult to talk with all that stuff in his mouth.  "She kept wanting me to talk, (speaking of the hygienist), but then the buzzy thing was there."  Well said Robby, and my sentiments exactly.

In the list of top ten cutest things you'll ever see, is recorded: "3 year old children bouncing, skipping, hopping, and tumbling their way through a gymnastics class."

This class was no exception.  This little boy gave all those girls a run for their money, and then some.  His stint in gymnastics may not have had the life-span I would have hoped, but we sure enjoyed it for a few months!

Robby takes his time.  This has been a defining characteristic of his since the dawn of his existence.  And now, after a full year, he likes preschool.  Hallelujah.  I guess anyone would be described as "taking their time" after a kid like Kate speedy gonzales, do-everything-at-light-speed, race-through-life Morgan.

Robby the architect can build a car with nothing but eggs, cucumber, and bread.  "This one goes super-fast"

"OH Man"  is all he could say about this superb example of an edible submarine.

There weren't even words for this rocket ship.  Just looks of utter amazement.

Bet you didn't know Robby can play a stellar Moses.  About 80 percent of his character is carried by the beard, but a good 20 percent is gestures, costume, and a good staff to hold on to.