Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh Daddy

Daddy/daughter in the wee hours of father's day morning

The book quickly topped the list of favorites when we checked it out from the library recently. Many nights the bedtime routine includes a snuggle between Ryan and Kate while reading this book. Needless to say, it made a great father's day gift and now has permanent place in our library.

I'm not sure breakfast in bed is ideal for ryan. I think his ideal day would begin with lunch in bed. But we got to enjoy some cinnamon rolls, eggs, and kiwi on Sunday. We're sort of compartment eaters at our house. Kate at the frosting, Ryan ate the kiwi, and I had what was left. Isn't that the mom's role? Isn't he a good sport?

I brought these cute ones to our family dinner the day before the official dad's day. We had burgers, so I thought french fries would be a suitable addition - Fun little sugar cookies made to look like french fries, mine looked more like steak fries. But were pretty fun none-the-less.

Although not the best picture, so telling. This is Ryan at our family father's day dinner. He gives his all to enjoying every moment with his girl. Which includes sitting at the kids table for family dinners. He loves Kate, he talks about her to me all the time and asks me all the questions to see where she's at emotionally, developmentally, physically, etc. He's the best, we are sooo lucky.

Bewitching Hour

Somewhere along the line 5:00 pm woke up on the wrong side of the bed and has never returned. Kids transform from fun little beings to melting piles of tears, moms lose patience, dads get stuck in traffic, casserole dishes crack right down the middle while cooking in the oven. Yeah that last one happened to me. At 5. Curry sauce and a chicken breast all over. Scratch that, atomic glue all over the oven. Set off the fire alarm. Oh and Kate had been throwing up all day. But, good news, at 6 pm the day got much better.