Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stock up

Just a few thoughts....

Preparing homemade chicken stock is as close as I'll ever get to creating a beautiful painting or designing a gorgeous home. I don't feel too bad because there is something about it that transcends time, in the same way a classic black and white photo will tell a story with similar emotions whether taken in 1900 or 2000. When I'm preparing this stock, I can envision a post-war european finally able to procure meat and herbs to put together a healthful and filling meal. I visualize sturdy homesteaders of the early west using salt like mine to preserve what precious little meat they would have through sweltering heat and bitter winters. When I'm "roughly chopping" the carrots and throwing in handfuls of untrimmed herbs I feel a connection to those who have lovingly and thoughtfully prepared meals for their families for all of time.

Where skill level inhibits my enjoyment of creativity in areas like drawing and painting, cooking has given me license to imagine and explore. Plus who can argue that the satisfaction of a great grilled cheese or a perfectly cooked steak is hard to beat.

Monday, February 22, 2010

eyes wide shut

Besides the moment of exhaustion at the end of the day, the words , 'say cheese' are the only other stimulus to which Kate will voluntarily close her eyes. Our pictorial records are going to reflect something completely opposite of the little girl who heads through life with eyes wide open. She's a noodle when it comes to pictures. Proof: