Saturday, August 23, 2008


My visiting teachers are amazing this time around. They took Kate and I to the temple grounds to take pictures, it was very fun and sweet of them.

Kate has followed in the footsteps of almost every other child I know and loves to show her tummy, no matter the location or the audience.

She knocked on all the doors we passed, it was very cute.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Pics

Can't believe we're having family pics already! Our friend Meg took these and many others, but these are the ones we've seen so far.

Our favorite.

The Big 1

Kate enjoyed breakfast in bed for her first b-day! There's a video below of us waking her up for her day.

Excuse the "morning" looks.

Pier 39

Here's Kate and mommy watching the sea lions. She loved to imitate their barking, it was pretty cute. We enjoyed chowder in a bread bowl on the wharf, it was pretty fun.

More San Fran

This was what we did alot of - tooling around watchin the busy people, chasing pigeons, looking for parks to stop at and little shops for me.
The "Ferry Building" was one of our favorites, it had beautiful shops, a gorgeous park, a fountain that Kate thought was a swimming pool, and great restaurants. And it was two blocks from our hotel!
Ryan and Kate on the "trolley" which was really an electric train, but was still very fun. And with no car seat it was practically a carnival ride for Kate.
The lobby of the building Ryan worked at was beautiful with probably 50 orchids and other amazing plants.
Kate and Daddy with the seals. Fun!

San Fran

Ryan invited Kate and I to join him on a work trip to san francisco. We really had such a good time. I was a little nervous in the beginning as I would be alone with Kate for most of the time in a city I didn't know with no car and nobody I knew. But after about 2 days we settled into a nice rhythm and it was great. I was sad to see our return approaching and when we heard our return flight was cancelled I think I was the only person who anticipated flying out in the morning rather than at the scheduled time that evening. Unfortunately, they found a way to get us home that night

This was the little view of the bay bridge we had. Our hotel was gorgeous. It sure was nice to have someone else clean, cook, and make my bed for a week!