Monday, September 26, 2011

The sweet return

I mean this literally and figuratively as I refer to Ryan's recent return from Holland for a business trip.  


 Mmmmmmmmm.  I'm good for chocolate for a little bit.


Kate and Ryan shared lunch in the airport upon return.  It sure was cute and sweet.  

Ryan mentioned that while Holland may boast beautiful flowers and great treats, their food doesn't even meet sub-par Chinese fast food criteria.  The memories of the food were only memorable because of their sordid nature.  Example: deep-fried gravy and noodle balls. Like McDonalds chicken nuggets, only with fish gravy inside of some and noodles inside of others.  Enough said.

Ryan has traveled a fair amount with his job.  We miss him dearly when he is gone. We love his return.  His absence reminds me how wonderful it is to have a great partner, and how great it is to have frequent flier miles! (you have to find the silver lining in these situations)

Pre-cool, As pronounced by Robby

A word or two on preschool:

1.  I love it
2.  Kate loves it    
3.  Robby loves it.  (He loves finding Harold the Helicopter in the toy box at drop off and pick up time.  And calling it pre-cool)

First day pics.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cat Scratch Robby

Robby picked a fight with the wrong cat and will tell you, me, a bug, the garbage man, or anyone else about it.  He loves to tell about the cat that scratched Robby, like this "Cat Scratch Robby."  I capitalize each word because Robby is very deliberate with his words and takes his time with much space in between.  He didn't learn how to speak from Kate, apparently.

According to Robby, he was an innocent bystander.  According to all witnesses (Kate), Robby was petting rather aggressively (hitting) at which point any self-respecting cat would teach that boy a lesson.  Well, let's hope he learned his lesson.

10 little huckleberries and other great news

Great news first.... I was the lucky one to be in the Jewel Basin of the Swan Range of the Rocky Mountains on August 19. And I can report, in very Lewis like fashion, that 26 varieties of wildflowers inhabit the lush hillsides in this region.

Apparently the lack of sunshine and buckets of rain this little La Nina gal brought have not only dampened my spirits but those of the huckleberry in Montana.   On any other year, the berries would be so abundant that the bears would have handed us the buckets get at all those little shrubs loaded with fruit.  But this year I found 10.

Fortunately there were many other events during my yearly August pilgrimage to Montana (Ryan always has business to attend in Brazil in August) to redeem the huckleberries.

#1  My kids get some serious Grandpa/Grandma time

#2 Lots of swimming! Kate learned to swim this summer, all alone.  It's great.

 #3 Lots of time with Mom and Dad, for me

Of course, the fair.

Going backwards, this is what we've been doing....

Kate's, no fuss, all girl (plus 4 boys that she just had to have), all pink, fantastic four-year-old princess birthday party.  Talk about fun fully loaded with lots of sugar.

Cake compliments of Grammy, thank you Grammy!

We grew two kids a little and these two weeds alot!

Had Ryan's birthday, of course with breakfast in bed.  

Ryan's birthday ended with his favorite people doing his favorite thing: dinner at the park.  The kids played and played.  We had his favorite food: roast beef, boursin, red onion on sourdough sandwiches.  

Happy summer had by all.