Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you don't like it?

That's kate's favorite question to ask Robby. Roughly translated it means, "are you okay? you seem a little tense." She asks it of him even when he's cool as a cucumber, but she's just checking in. (In the 2nd video below, she says the phrase correctly, but I wish she had said it as she usually does as printed in the title above.)

These two are my peanut butter and jelly; their constituents are completely different but somehow just work together. It's so enriching to have that contrast in our home; Kate's the jalapeno and Robby's the milk. I guess the third will just have to take a role as the dessert. (Do you like how all my analogies are food-related? And once again, I am not pregnant)

Here's a little demonstration of their interaction thus far, and this video is not atypical. What a treat to watch their little relationship develop.

By the way, kate's not in emo training, we're just trying to let her hair recover after the recent "friendly fire" incident. As a result, her hair is a little scraggly.

Friday, January 22, 2010


No I'm not pregnant. But I did want to give a shout out to the (older) man in my life for enabling one of the best weekends I've had in ages and it was all so unexpected.

1. Happy Hour at Chevy's with the girls, Robby and Ry

Yummy, cheap (we got out for $11), and fun because they give the kids tortilla dough to play with and we had good company with my sisters.

2. Shopping sans kids

After our happy hour with the girls, out of the blue, Ryan offered to watch the kids so I could go do whatever I wanted. Whatever I wanted .... I seriously had to think for a few minutes because usually free moments are filled with calls to insurance, emptying the dishwasher, or vacuumming my stairs,and those are definitely not things I want to do. Well those moments of pondering how I would spend that free time led me to one thought: I love to shop. When I hear someone say, "I don't like shopping" I just feel sad. But I don't love shopping with kids. It's not fun and not rewarding at all. I have abandoned ship and left full carts in the middle of grocery stores before. I don't even attempt clothes shopping unless they show movies, or have a built-in babysitter, or they're both sleeping in the cart which doesn't ever happen and that's why I never go.

So I went shopping with Audrey at Nordstrom Rack (not kid friendly in any way), found some killer deals and made Audrey stay until we were the last customers, not a moment was wasted.

3. Grammy babysits

Ryan's mother watched Kate for several hours and allowed Ryan and I some much needed cleaning time. Not exciting, but needed. We have almost cleared our house of all junk, although Ryan may not agree as he labeled half of Kate's toys as junk. It felt good.

4. Bill Cosby

We got a surprise call from Ryan's mother saying she had an extra ticket to see Bill Cosby in a stand-up show. Um, maybe second to shopping on my list of things I love is Bill Cosby. Okay that's a stretch, but I really do have a deep and abiding love for the Cosby show, I crack up every time I watch it. And I got to see him, live!

It was painful. By that I mean I was in pain from laughing so hard. I cried and doubled over, slapped my leg, threw my head back, all of those uncontrollable gestures that come when something is truly funny. I got to see his "at the dentist routine." It was the best.

5. Family Dinner

Yogurt marinated chicken and veggie kabobs, bacon and red onion potato salad, strawberry spinach salad, tres leches, and gougeres (french rolls to die for). I think every world culture was represented with our dinner menu and it was delish.

Thank you in every way to my husband for his generous donation of time and love to our kids. I felt so rejuvenated and loved as well. Thanks to Karen for all her kindness and generosity as well. And thanks to Audrey for sticking it out to fill a shopping desire long-abated.

I had to laugh when my brother asked Ryan how his weekend was and he said it seemed kind of long...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My new bff

Mmmm with triscuits. Yummy with pears. Mouthwatering to look at. Tasty off your finger. Snofrisk cheese from Norway. You'll like it too. (Although not helpful in a calorie-counting situation.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

A baby now

Until about 3 months of age babies seem like they'd still be a little more comfortable in the warm womb than out in the cold world. It is such a fresh, wonderful thing when they start to smile, "talk", and respond a little to stimulus in ways other than crying. This is why my posts have been very Kate-focused.

Robby has hit his little baby stride and has characteristics all his own already.

1. He loves his mom, way more than Kate did at this age.

2. He will carry on a full conversation for quite some time now, if only i could understand what he is saying...

3. He does not like wetness in any form on his skin. I think Kate would have stayed in wet diapers for 4 days with no problem, Robby maxes out at about 4 minutes.

4. He is loving his hand in his mouth at all times. Even when nursing he tries to stuff his fingers in the side of his mouth, it cracks me up. (for a minute, but baby fingernails are not that gentle)

5. He's rolls over like a pro. He stalls in the back to front mode, but tummy to back is cake for him.

6. He is so sweet. He cuddles with me, oh it is so nice. I love this boy soo much.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Need I say More?

Okay I guess I do. I cannot pass up this opportunity to say what a joy the nerf guns have been. That comment is only up to it's waist in sarcasm, I truly am half-way sincere. Thank you Maile for the Christmas present, thank you Kate for playing guns with Daddy(really, really thank you), and thank you for making that awesome face in this picture.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kaito's Wedding!

Ryan's sister, Kaitlyn, was married the day before Thanksgiving this year. It was a a gorgeous wedding at the Portland temple. I was a bridesmaid, and all laws of nature were defied as I discovered that I am in love with my dress. It's fancy and black and modest, thank you Kaito (and parents).

Congrats to the new couple and welcome Eric!