Saturday, August 29, 2009

Everyday Heroes

While at BYU I TA'd for a professor who was blind. Brother Cowan. Although his sight was gone, you would never consider the absence to be a hinderance to his abilities. His bookshelves housed scores of titles filling floor to ceiling, wall to wall. When he asked me to retrieve books from these shelves, someone with 20/20 vision, he often gave up in his descriptions and just got the book himself. He could describe the width, texture, heighth, etc with perfect accuracy. He could identify students from up to 5 years past with the sound of one sentence uttered. In short, he was amazing. Not only were his physical abilities so commendable, but he still tops my list of compassionate and kind people.

He was an everyday hero. An inspiration to me to buoy my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses. If I were in Utah, I would love to nominate him for this great project my friend Alli is doing called Everyday Heroes. Alli is amazing and would love to photograph your everyday hero in order to raise money for a great cause! Plus, it's a great deal for you! Alli is an accomplished photographer, she can even make our family look good, amazing.

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  1. Hello...anyone could make your family look amazing. I could take the oldest kodak camera in the world, stick a dollars worth of film in there, close my eyes, and your family would still look amazing. I love you guys and I miss you a lot. Expect my comments regularly on your blog-- except, your domesticness is kind of intimidating. YOu sewed a dress and you make cookies look like french make me feel like I am just a young grasshopper!