Friday, September 18, 2009


Ryan's been having the time of his life working outside of Portland for the past 3 weeks. But there is a silver lining, since he takes the car and I'm minutes away from going into labor, we invited Audrey to come live with us for about three weeks just in case this baby makes his arrival while Ryan's out on his pleasure cruise.

Needless to say, Audrey has been the buoy to a sinking ship. If there were a way to imitate the last two weeks of pregnancy, it would be a great torture device for those really bad people at Guantanamo Bay, not that I am a proponent of torturing people. "Anything, I'll do anything, just get it over with!" Okay, it's really not that bad, but to have Audrey here truly has been a pleasure cruise for me. Four words are all I need to say for you to understand the magnitude of her help: she vacuums my stairs.

Not only is she a great help, but a great friend. The bargain-finding, treat -making, people-watching duo of the good ole days has returned and I am quite enjoying it and Kate has only good things to say as well (I want my Audgie). Thanks audge, love you!


  1. what a nice sister. i need my sister to vacuum my stairs. Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy, that is a rough time.

  2. So glad your sis is there for you! Keep us posted on the baby! We can't wait!