Monday, April 26, 2010

I'll plant my tulips next to yours

The title is the punch line of a cute joke my sister-in-law Cami told me. It starts like this: "When I plant a garden ... insert punch line." I thought it was pretty cute.

I thought these pics were pretty cute too, of the little ones at the tulip gardens. We visited two this year, and each had a windmill, that's fun. The gardens in Woodburn were gargantuan and had wheat fields which makes for great hide-and-go-seek if you're 2 1/2, although not quite as fun when the seeker happens to be me and the hider happens to be Kate who didn't really inform me we were playing hide-and-go-seek. Anyway, we hit one of the few gorgeous days in the month of April to travel down to Woodburn with my sister Robyn, sis-in-law Maile, and her friend Jen. I love when we get to do fun things like this that make all the gray and rainy days seem worth it!
I love this shot, i think it should be a world-peace promotion poster. What says love and peace more than a little girl in a field of tulips?


  1. so cute. I would love to visit tulip fields! I guess I'll settle for the cacti.