Thursday, September 30, 2010

He's the ONE!

Robby turned one on Friday, September 24. This one little sweetie boy has 8 teeth, walks on 2 feet, goes down the stairs backwards on all 4's, is growing an innumerable amount of white hair, rides the trike on 1 bottom, sleeps 10 hours at night, naps for 3, bites 3 times a day (we're working on it), gives 15 hugs all the time, sniffs every flower he sees, raises two hands in the air whenever he's proud, drinks 12 oz of milk at every meal, eats all the groceries (not joking), spins in 15 circles when the music is on, and ate 2 cupcakes on his birthday. Oh and loooooves is 1 sister. Happy day to our little boy, the sunshine.

Here's breakfast in bed for Robby, a little long, but cute.

These are the fun little monkey cupcakes we had. We had lots and lots of other treats too, I wish I had pics of all of them!

Robby got a little banner for his b day. It's right above his high chair and he loves looking at the pictures of himself as he eats.

Rob's b-day was great, with lots of sunshine, just like him.


  1. That was so precious! You guys are such awesome parents, and have wonderful kids!

  2. What a sweet video! He is so darling. Thank you for inviting me to the celebration. I am one lucky grandma!