Sunday, March 2, 2014

June Bloom

Before I begin, I need a chance to unburden a load I've carried.  I am heretofore going to suspend apologizing for my lack of blogging, or constantly residing in catch-up mode.  Repeatedly apologizing for the same infraction does get old, doesn't it?  Accepting that I am a gappy blogger has been a stress-reliever.  Now, don't you feel better?  I certainly do.  I am glad that you accept me as I am, sparse blogging and all :)

Summer is springing, birds are singing, rain is still falling, girls are having spring dance recitals.  Ahhh, what a joy!

I have said it before, but watching a tiny girls bounce across a dance floor brings a great deal of joy to my life.  I love all those little dancers.  There are some of these little nymphs know exactly their cues, their spots, and their moves and are more than willing to instruct any other girl who may lack that knowledge.  Conversely, the ones who run haphazardly across the stage, with a tondu or plie thrown in here and there bring a certain magic not to be missed.  All the while, the structured dancer is torn between hitting her spot and scolding the unruly dancer.  I love it.  You may have guessed it, but Kate could be classified as the structured dancer.

Here's shingles in your eye.  Poor Ryan got shingles, IN HIS EYE.  Ouch.  On the upside, we got to give him a new nickname, Quasimodo.

Things started looking up as Father's Day approached and we celebrated early because how long can a 3 and 5 year old wait to finally give their dad the best present in the world that they picked out?  Robby was certainly willing to open Ryan's present that day even if Ryan wasn't going to. So Ryan obliged.

It is a "Best Dad" trophy.  It is true, he is the best.  Now, there will be no debate about it, as the trophy is proof.

The first, "last day of school" happened.  We ramped up the day with quite the shin-dig for Kate's little lady-friends.  They crossed the finish line of Kindergarten without looking back.  Great day.

 Even Robby loved the last day of school.  He got his sister back!  Yippee!

We kicked off summer right with a trip to Cannon Beach.  Beach has different meanings for different people.  In our case, the term "beach" could mean sun, could mean rain, certainly means sand and wind, and usually includes fun :)


  1. Sweet! We loved all the pictures! Wish we could have seen the recital… maybe this year! Gotta love the beach. TFS!
    Karen & Kerry

  2. Fun wrap-up La! I sure do love your writing style :) Can't wait to see pictures of your growing belly!