Friday, October 31, 2008

Marbles between her toes - you weren't too far off Grandpa!

My grandpa always used to try persuade us to eat all the undesirable portions of our meal with the phrase, "Eat up! It will put hair on your chest and feathers between your toes." My immediate, although un-uttered reaction was, why would I want any of those things?

Well, one day Kate sprouted a much more feminine version of Grandpa's old wive's tale. Because she eats her vegetables so well, I'd like to think it's a shout out to grandpa.

Of course, Kate did not spontaneously sprout these marbles between her toes, she had some help from genetics (mom's got monkey toes) and from dad with the mechanics.


  1. I love the tribute to Grandpa. He was so darn funny! I have to admit I've thought of him several times when I'm trying to get my kids to eat everything on their plates. What a legacy!

  2. That is hilarious, we have talented toes in our family too!