Friday, October 31, 2008

On the Farm

Audrey, Kate, and I headed down to Hee Haw farms last week join in the fall festivities of looking for a pumpkin, petting the animals, getting lost in corn mazes, etc. When we arrived, there was no one there, not even workers. We figured it was the slow time of the day, so we made ourselves comfortable and just acted like we owned the place.

We let Kate take charge, and show us around.

Kate began her tour in the tractor.

Then we moved to the train to view the sites.

Kate explained that we would have to abandon the motorized vehicles for the remainder of our tour, in order not to frighten the shy animals of bunny village.

The cows were noisy and Kate needed some help projecting her voice, so asked one of the tour group members to act as a podium. Thank you Audrey.

Kate let this display speak for itself.

Of course, we ended with snacks.

I visited the farm's website later and found out Hee Haw farms was closed when we decided to pay them a visit. With no supervision, we went to town on feeding the goats. All in all, I think we fed the goats about 5 pounds of grain. I hope there was no permanent damage. I highly recommend visiting a busy attraction when it is closed, we had no competition for anything!


  1. I am cracking up that you guys were there when it was closed!!!! That is too funny! No wonder it was so great, and those goats must have loved you guys! Kate, of course it too cute with the animals!

  2. Hey! We went there... of course we didn't break in when we went! J/K. Looks like it was fun to have the run of the place though! Kate is looking so cute and grown up!

  3. She really does like her veggies!

  4. i just think that is such a "Thomas" thing that we just made ourself at home when the place was closed. If mom would've been there she probably would've figured it out and said,"Oh Big Deal! We're not doing anything!"

    I also thought of Maile laughing and saying, "You Thomas's!"