Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Westward, ho!

So we made the move. From Utahns to Oregonians. From BYU students to how-to-survive-endless-rain students, if you've ever visited or even heard of the Northwest, you know what I mean. From more money going out than coming in, to the other way around (YAHOO!! well, maybe next month.) From late nights cramming for test to late nights organizing closets, drawers, the garage, and bookshelves in a place 3x the size of any residence we've ever inhabited.

I always anitcipated that with college graduation would come the feeling of a destination reached. But it was surprisingly not so. With each milestone (marriage, baby, job, etc.) I get the increasingly clear impression that each of these markers, although momentous, are not desinations or even resting points. Life is one large transition and progression. Being the to-do list kind of girl I am, frustration often sets in when destinations are reached but I cannot check things off my list. Example: as college is finished I cannot say , "Done learning, check." Or when Kate finally slept through the night, can't say "Done using patience, check." But, also hailing from the worlds most optimistic gene pool (my family are some of the most sunny people I know) I also see that this is a wonderful way to keep things interesting. Growing and learning never ever stops, hallejuah. If the measuring stick of patience were held above my head now, I would seriously come up short as in so many other areas. So here we come, new segment of life, ready to keep on truckin.


  1. Laura, what an awesome post! Congrats to you and your hubby on all of your accomplishments and GOOD LUCK on the road ahead of you! I know you guys will have an amazing time together.

  2. So cool. I love your thoughts on life's milestones. . . great perspective and so accurate.

    I don't know much about your situation. . . is there a new job, new home? As an out of stater, I need more details!!!!

  3. congrats on the graduation and move. we graduate next year and i can't wait for a house big enough for us! and what a great perspective on the milestones of life. it's crazy how life just keeps moving forward and changing and just keeps getting better and better.

  4. What a thoughtful post! And...you're here? And, you haven't called!!!?????

    Can't wait to see you!

  5. Lu! I love this post. I have had some similiar feelings. I am so happy you guys are in Oregon, and if we could do something about the rain that would be okay with me!
    Sounds like the next event we go to is learning to shoot guns, what better activity can you think of for girls from Montana!

  6. How are you guys doing? We miss you guys so much. Braydon still yells Dee when ever he hears little kids outside! The other day we had some friends over and they have a little girl who just turned 2 so she is about the same size as Kate and when they left he started crying "Dee". It was pretty sad! How are things in Oregon? I am glad to hear you made it there safely! How is Ryan's new job? Well I hope things are going well. Tell Kate hi for Braydon. (Jason says we should keep in touch and when they get old enough we should set them up on a date! LOL) Let us know when you will be in Utah again. We would love to get together with you guys!