Friday, January 8, 2010

A baby now

Until about 3 months of age babies seem like they'd still be a little more comfortable in the warm womb than out in the cold world. It is such a fresh, wonderful thing when they start to smile, "talk", and respond a little to stimulus in ways other than crying. This is why my posts have been very Kate-focused.

Robby has hit his little baby stride and has characteristics all his own already.

1. He loves his mom, way more than Kate did at this age.

2. He will carry on a full conversation for quite some time now, if only i could understand what he is saying...

3. He does not like wetness in any form on his skin. I think Kate would have stayed in wet diapers for 4 days with no problem, Robby maxes out at about 4 minutes.

4. He is loving his hand in his mouth at all times. Even when nursing he tries to stuff his fingers in the side of his mouth, it cracks me up. (for a minute, but baby fingernails are not that gentle)

5. He's rolls over like a pro. He stalls in the back to front mode, but tummy to back is cake for him.

6. He is so sweet. He cuddles with me, oh it is so nice. I love this boy soo much.


  1. What a cute boy you've got there! We hope to be able to meet him soon... we think about you guys a lot!

  2. I love this little Robby boy! He is so cute and I just wish I could see him more! I didn't know he is rolling over!! YEAH!

  3. wow...he suddenly got an adult face! you are more infant Robbie

  4. He's so cute. And that nerf gun picture is priceless.