Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you don't like it?

That's kate's favorite question to ask Robby. Roughly translated it means, "are you okay? you seem a little tense." She asks it of him even when he's cool as a cucumber, but she's just checking in. (In the 2nd video below, she says the phrase correctly, but I wish she had said it as she usually does as printed in the title above.)

These two are my peanut butter and jelly; their constituents are completely different but somehow just work together. It's so enriching to have that contrast in our home; Kate's the jalapeno and Robby's the milk. I guess the third will just have to take a role as the dessert. (Do you like how all my analogies are food-related? And once again, I am not pregnant)

Here's a little demonstration of their interaction thus far, and this video is not atypical. What a treat to watch their little relationship develop.

By the way, kate's not in emo training, we're just trying to let her hair recover after the recent "friendly fire" incident. As a result, her hair is a little scraggly.


  1. That is seriously so cute. I like how she says, "Oh baby boy."

  2. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! She is so sweet and tender with her brother, and he seems as if he just adores her too. I like her hair-- kind of punk. If I had a band, I would pick her up in a heartbeat!