Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Holidays update contd.

 Loch Lolly, our favorite little Christmas tree farm, was calling our name for a third year in a row.  I think we may have a tradition on our hands.  They meet one of our most significant qualifications, the Santa here doesn't scare Robby.  Although you can see in the picture the eyes wandering, a little desperately, toward mom.  Robby told Santa he wanted a pen-grenade like James Bond and super-hero vitamins.  Neither of these things had been discussed beforehand, and I'm not sure that Santa grants wishes for weapons, at least he didn't for us.  Pen-grenade was not delivered, but our little guy is looking more and more like a super-hero everyday thanks to those vitamins.

After a long day of tree-chopping and decorating, the girl was out.  Robby was, of course, still up "waiting for Santa."

 Ryan made us all the happiest people on earth when he prepared Beef Wellington for Christmas dinner.  This dish's name must be capitalized to at least pay a small bit of homage to it's excellence.  The man can cook like a master.  When  a dish's preparation requires purchasing a new pot from Le Creuset on Chrismtas Eve, you know it's going to be good (you can see my new red pot below :)  Now Kate is telling people that her favorite food is Beef Wellington, but mac and cheese is a close second.

 There he is, the vitamins are working!

 Cousins love Christmas. It's 12:45 am, that's the best caption I can muster right now:)

 Christmas morning stockings, yahoo! 

 Getting stronger . . . 

 And wiser.

 The little angel.  

   Our great friends who were abroad for two years are back to host our favorite new years party.  Here are the cutest little ladies ringing in the new year.

 The Family. 

 Later that  night. . . 

Happy 2013

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  1. Love seeing updates on your little family! Glad to see you are all doing well!