Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When you think about Seuss! (the Reader's Digest version, a continuation of an update on our lives)

Here's more of what we were up to in November.

 Kate played the part of "the elephant bird" and jungle animal, and circus animal, and fish in Seussical the Musical. If it were possible to fill someone's cup past full, this is what Seussical did for Kate.  She drank this experience up, no, that's not accurate, she soaked it up, ate it up, lived it up . . . you get the picture.  If there ever was a more fulfilled girl, I'd be surprised.  This was quite a time-consuming and demanding commitment for a 5-year-old (and her mom), two 3-hour rehearsals a week, plus all the dress rehearsals  But she loved every moment.  We were very excited for Kate!

 Here she is right after she "hatched."  Her mom and Dad are Horton the Elephant (a doctoral opera student) and Mayzie (a professional actress, she was sooo funny).

Kate and the Cat, Russ, who carried the show like a champ.  Isn't she cute?

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