Monday, January 26, 2009


I found a way to make a quick post using another computer. So good news, my blogging craving will not go unheeded. Maybe that won't top your "good news list" but I was excited to get back to posting.

So Kate's not quite a professional model yet, but we feel like the gratification that comes from seeing cuter-than-ever pics of her on someone else's blog is payment enough. Also, there's some measure of credence attributed to Ryan's and my over-the-top love for Kate when someone else finds your child enjoyable and cute enough to photograph them and display the results.

Alli Miles, the cutest law student/photographer (great combo huh?) took some shots of Kate. You can check them out at her blog. AllSmiles There are two posts of her, so take a look at posts titled "untitled" and "baby k" Love to all!


  1. aw, thanks for the shout-out! i love photographing kate. it is definitely a challenge, but i love her so much that it makes it even more fun!

  2. Laura! Those picture are so cute with her little piggy tails! She is right she is full of personality!

  3. Those pics are so cute on her blog. I loved the one where she is reaching on the table. -Maile