Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy (Almost) Half Birthday Dad

You'd never thought the day would come. The unattainable. The diamond in the rough. This goal has only been reached through 15 years of wading through every clothing rack, appliance display, and outdoors store in the universe. But here it is, the perfect gift for Patrick A. Thomas. I couldn't wait to share the news for a real celebration day. So who's got dibs?

Now with the new Tefal Toast n' Egg you can have a hot breakfast sandwich in just four minutes, before you rush out the door. A multifunctional appliance, the Toast n Egg will toast your bread and muffins, cook your egg and warm your precooked meats all at once or separately as desired. The Toast n Egg can even prepare your egg in two ways. You can use either the steamer tray for hard boiled eggs or the poaching tray which makes muffin-sized eggs. Finally with the two wide toast slots and the warming tray for meats, the Tefal Toast n Egg has been carefully designed to accommodate your every need. It does not, however, do your taxes or make yogurt.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, this truly is Dad's breakfast dreams come true. If only there was a refrigeration unit on the side for yogurt too! I think Laura you have found something for Dad to dream about until next Christmas.