Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Simpler Days

When was the last time you felt this kind of freedom and confidence wearing your swimsuit while someone was lurking with a camera, especially from the posterior aspect? I don't recall when it was for me probably because it's been a long while. Kate lives her little 1 1/2 year old life with pure, unadulterated curiosity, and joy with no thought to how she looks or the impression she gives. When the music starts, she jumps up and shakes it like she just doesn't care, no matter who's watching. When there's water, she wants to swim, regardless of the way her swimming suit fits. She's her own person and not afraid of owning that. And people love it. Lesson learned. (well maybe not learned, but at least taken into account and noted.) Love this little girl and all she teaches me.


  1. She has got the cutest bumb and chunck legs, I am sure that she needs to come to my house so I can play with her and she can tell me all her words!

  2. oh so true! I miss those days...its been so long I can hardly remember them! haha!